Pre-Arrangement & Pre-Payment


At South Coast, we offer low cost funeral pre-arrangement and pre-payment options. Some say the best in Simcoe, Norfolk, and the surrounding areas! All of our funeral and cremation services can be pre-arranged and pre-paid, giving you piece of mind knowing that everything is taken care of when the time comes.

Pre arranging is meeting with a Funeral Director to have your wishes recorded in a file that is kept at the funeral home. Pre payment is the next step and the difference between the two, is that pre payment guarantees the services you have chosen. What guaranteed means is that once you have made your full payment or partial payment over a number of years, the price is guaranteed to never go up, which means your next of kin will never owe any extra money after death has occurred.

What happens after pre-payment is made?

When pre-payment money is received by the funeral home, we then deposit that money into a trust fund through a bank, which is managed by GFD, (Guaranteed Funeral Deposits of Canada), a fraternal organization. GFD, then provides you with a certificate indicating that the money is now being held in trust. Interest is gathered in this account over time, on the day that the client dies, the trust company is notified by the funeral home, the trust company then tells the funeral home how much money with interest has accumulated. Based on the official price list of the funeral home, the current cost of the services is compared to the total amount of money held in trust, including interest. If the total in trust is more then the current cost, then the excess funds are returned to the estate, if there is less money in the trust account then the current costs then the estate or next of kin will owe nothing because the pre-payment was guaranteed.

Do I have to pay for my services all at once?

No, you do not have to make payment in full, you may choose to pay for your services over a number of months or years.  Time payment is easy, affordable and there are no administration fees. Here is how time payment works. If your choice is Direct Cremation the total amount would be $1261.50 ( the cremation fee is removed from the price, as it can not be paid over time and must be paid directly to the crematorium, that price is $485). Based on a total of $1261.50 if you wanted to make payments over 4 years (48 months) your monthly payment would be $26.28 per month. It is that simple and that affordable.

What if I have already pre-paid with another Funeral Home?

If you have pre-paid arrangements with another Funeral Home, we have good news, you can easily transfer your pre-paid funds to our Funeral Home. Simply call one of our Funeral Directors and we will be please to help review your documents from your pre-payment. In almost all cases we will be in giving you a refund cheque. The most common situation is that a client will have pre-paid much more that what our charges are for the exact same services, what we do is compare what our charges are compared to what is in trust already, we then write you back a cheque for the difference. In some cases that can be a refund of thousands of dollars back to you , just another way that we are different from our competition.